Trip highlights

Here is an itinerary of our trip, as of 5-25-16.  The yellow line on the map shows where we have been in the past nine months, all 20,859 miles.5-25-16

And here is a Greatest Hits summary of our trip  – you can click on a picture to take you to the related blog post.

September 15 – first day out, Eugene to Crane, Oregon, Greta sitting in a hot spring, realizing she’s not in math class.  DSCF7963

September 16 – Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho.  Incredible lava landscape.
Greta in the Indian Tunnel

September 17-19:  Yellowstone.  We arrived in a thunder snowstorm, but had a fantastic time seeing wildlife, hot springs and big landscapes.
Castle Geyser

and the amazing architecture of Old Faithful Inn.DSCF8141

September 20 – we drove across Wyoming to Devil’s Tower.DSCF8422

and then moved on to Mt. Rushmore and Wall Drug on the 21st.DSCF8535

September 22- South Dakota, with the Badlands, a Minuteman missile and the Corn Palace.DSCF8559

September 23 – visting Linda’s family’s ancestral farm in South Dakota.
The Minnaert farm

September 24-26.  Minneapolis and St. Paul.

September 27 –  the Frank Lloyd Wright Johnson Wax buildings in Racine.DSCF9247

September 28 – October 2, in Chicago.DSCF9998

October 4-7 in Indianapolis.DSCF0300

and the architecture of Columbus, Indiana.
outside the kitchen

October 8-9 in Cincinnati.DSCF0648

and the university.DSCF0487

October 10-14 – at the Powdermill Nature Reserve, and PittsburghDSCF1207

and Fallingwater
the concrete trays
October 16 at Niagara Falls.DSCF1656

and the 17th & 18th in Buffalo and RochesterDSCF1913

and the small towns of Pennsylvania and New YorkDSCF2152

October 21 in Albanycropped-dscf2262.jpg

The 22nd at Mass MOCA, the contemporary art museum in North Adams
a project with an Airstream. We want this one for our next trip

from October 23 to November 4 we were around the Boston area, including downtown
the Common


Martha’s VineyardDSCF3135

Cape CodDSCF3287

Boston Museums’ remodels and additionsDSCF4451p

and the old towns around Boston

On to New York November 8 – 12DSCF4947

Philadelphia November 13-15DSCF5666

and the Mercer Museum in DoylestownDSCF5343

November 16-17 in BaltimoreDSCF5848

November 18 in AnnapolisDSCF6018

November 19-23 in Washington DC.DSCF6348

November 24th to Harpers Ferry DSCF6561

and Luray CavernsDSCF6681

Skyline Drive on November 25DSCF6734

November 26 – December 3 in and around Charlottesville, for Thanksgiving, cold and rainy weather, a little sickness, and lots of eating and drinking and talking.DSCF6826

December 4-5 in Virginia Beach and NorfolkDSCF7468

December 6-7 in RaleighDSCF7600

December 8-10 in CharlestonDSCF7810

December 11-12 in Jacksonville, camping on the beach and seeing the Timucua Historic and Ecological Presevre, including the Kingsley Plantation.DSCF8519

December 14 to the 18th on the Gulf Coast of Florida.DSCF8598

December 18-21st on the Atlantic Coast of Florida.  Friends, wind, beaches, and horse racing.  DSCF8726

December 22nd to 28th:  back to the Gulf Coast for Christmas with family, and getting some things squared away for the next phase of the trip.

December 29-30:  Across the state to Tomoka State Park, where we met up with the Celery City String Band, who asked Greta to sit in on washboard.  DSCF9052

December 31:  St Augustine.  We were here four years ago, and came back to check out some architecture and neighborhoods we’d missed.DSCF9256

January 1:  Jacksonville – not a great downtown, but stumbled upon a pep rally for the University of Georgia, before some bowl game.  DSCF9286

January 2  Fernandina Beach, a fantastic town on Amelia Island.  A national historic district from the mid- to late 19th century.  And then you go a couple of miles to get to the old town.  DSCF9349

January 3rd to 5th:  SavannahDSCF9461

January 6th:  Beaufort SC, which must have been used as the setting for hundreds of movies.DSCF9865

January 9th:  Macon, Georgia, mainly visiting the Allman Brothers Band historical sites.DSCF0242

January 11th:  Apalachicola, where there are oysters.DSCF0442

January 12th:  Seaside, Florida, the first New Urbanist development, which has changed a lot since I saw it 20 years ago.  DSCF0778

January 13th:  Ft. Pickens, a fort guarding the entrance to Pensacola Bay since the 1840s.  DSCF0996

January 14th:  across Alabama, with lunch at the Foley Cafe, and lots of fabulous roadside attractions:  DSCF1165

January 15th:  Biloxi, with a Frank Gehry museum for the work of George Ohr, the Mad Potter of Biloxi:  DSCF1341

January 16th:  the Charnley-Norwood house in Ocean Springs, by Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright.  DSCF1381

January 17th on:  We are now in New Orleans, and we may not leave for a long time.  We have never been here before, and it is living up to its reputation.DSCF1572

January 23:  The Krewe de Vieux parade passes down our block, and is accompanied by a big party at Glen and Michelle’s firehouse.DSCF1914

January 30:  the Krewe of Chewbacchus parades through the neighborhood, with its sci-fi focus. Greta gets into lots of light saber fights.  DSCF2412

February 2: The Southern Food and Beverage Museum, the apotheosis of our absorption in the Good Life in New Orleans.DSCF2573

February 5:  Bayou LaFourche with Glen, to have lunch with his mom in their house in Cut Off, and then on to Fourchon, a huge port that supplies the offshore rigs, and Grande Isle, a resort on the only beach in Louisiana you can reach by car.

Bayou LaFourche in Golden Meadows

Bayou LaFourche in Golden Meadows

February 9:  After much build-up and many parties and parades, it was Mardi Gras.  We spent the day with the St. Anthony Ramblers, and at a wonderful party on Jackson Square.

Greta in front of the Ramblers.

Greta in front of the Ramblers.

and a video where you can hear the fabulous Panorama Jazz Band:DSCF3192

February 10:  a chat with Garrison Keillor on the street.DSCF3455

February 11th:  the Lower Ninth Ward, including the Make It Right housing.DSCF3651

February 12th:  overwhelmed by the incredibly large and detailed WWII Museum.DSCF3853

February 13th:  Driving up River Road, to the Oak Alley plantation.  DSCF3963

February 14th:  the Waterworks Museum in Shreveport.  DSCF4053

February 15:  The Perot Museum in Dallas, designed by Morphosis.  Science for Greta and architecture for me.  DSCF4191

February 16:  The Kimbell, Kahn and Piano.  DSCF4653

February 17:  Back to Dallas for yet more museums and architecture, including the extraordinary courtyard at the Ed Barnes Dallas Museum of Art, by Dan Kiley.  DSCF4807

February 19th:  the Menil Collection, Piano’s first museum in the US.DSCF5014

February 20th:  HoustonDSCF5103

February 20th on:  Austin (lest we forget).  DSCF5298

February 24th:  Smitty’s Market in Lockhart, the bbq capital of Texas.  They just build the fires on the floor, and the smokes is drawn into the pits.  The brisket was like no other brisket we’ve ever had.  DSCF5368

The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.    DSCF5404

February 25th:  the San Antonio Missions, four spectacular 18th century mission compounds which stretch along the river south of the downtown.  DSCF5556

and downtown San Antonio.  The Riverwalk is actually better than I expected, and it is just part of what is clearly the best downtown in Texas.  DSCF5709

February 25th:  crossing the Pecos River, we are officially back out West.DSCF5727

February 28th:  Big Bend National Park.  The Santa Elena Canyon, perhaps the coolest thing we’ve seen on this trip.DSCF5892

February 29th:  Big Bend has amazing variety, with desert, mountains, canyons and the Rio Grande.  Here is a picture of our campsite in the Chisos Mountains Basin, taken from the Lost Mine Trail.  For a scale comparison, I’ll point out our trailer.  DSCF5975

March 2nd:   Marfa, Texas, where minimalist sculptor Donald Judd moved in the 1970s, creating a museum on a former army base, which has permanent installations of his own and others’ work, such as John Chamberlain:  DSCF6033

The town of Marfa itself is also quite an attraction, in a different way.  DSCF6004

March 4th:  Carlsbad Caverns. Very cool.  Hiking down 800 into the ground (which feels so wrong), and then walking around the largest cavern in the country.  DSCF6363

March 5th:  Saguaro National Park.  Big cacti and dangerous animals.  DSCF6457

March 6th:  Tucson and the University of Arizona, which has some nice buildings with great shading devices.  DSCF6483

March 27th:  Phoenix.  Look closely.  DSCF6600

March 29th:  Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri’s model city, looking even better than before.DSCF6849

Montezuma’s Castle, looking exactly the same.  Greta actually remembered things from seeing it when she was three years old. DSCF6945

March 30th:  Hoover Dam.DSCF7029

March 31st:  Las Vegas.  More than Greta could handle.  DSCF7085

April 2:  Zion National ParkDSCF7414

April 6:  Bryce Canyon National ParkDSCF7543

April 8:  Capitol Reef National Park.DSCF7674

April 9th:  Canyonlands National Park  DSCF7774

April 10th:  Arches National Park  DSCF7859

April 11th:  Greta hiking in Arches.  DSCF7928

April 13:  Monument Valley.  (Yes, it really does look like this.  They didn’t have CGI when they made those movies).  DSCF8056

April 14:  Navajo National Monument.  Those are houses under the arch.  DSCF8097

April 15:  Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Powell, and the Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River.  DSCF8157

April 16:  Antelope Canyon.  DSCF8281

April 18th:  The Grand Canyon (El Tovar hotel  at right for scale)DSCF8466

April 20th:  The Hopi reservation.  This is the village of Walpi on top of First Mesa, which is around 700 years old.P1090094

April 22nd:  Canyon de Chelly.  White House cliff dwelling, at the bottom of the canyon.  DSCF8820

April 25th:  Chaco Culture National Historic Park. DSCF9175

April 28th:  Albuquerque, including the amazing Bart Prince house.  DSCF9424

April 28th:  Acoma Pueblo.DSCF9532

April 29th:  Santa Fe.  In the past month in the Southwest we have seen skies and clouds unlike anywhere else.  This picture has not been photoshopped – actual view of distant storm from our campground.  We think it is the Glowcloud over Nightvale.DSCF9814

May 1st:  Taos.  No one told me there was this amazing mountain right next to town.  DSCF0043

May 4th:  Taos Pueblo.  DSCF0262

‘May 5th:  Mesa Verde, inside the Balcony House cliff dwelling.DSCF0422

May 7th: Michael Heizer’s Double Negative, out in the Nevada desert.DSCF0563

May 11th:  the Pacific Ocean within sight, for the first time in eight months.  DSCF0632

May 12th:  Monterey, including the amazing Monterey Bay Aquarium.  DSCF0671

May 13th:  Carmel.  This is a little hard to process after two months in the Southwest.  DSCF0779

My 14th:  Santa Cruz,109. Santa Cruz006DSCF0946

including Charles Moore’s Kresge College at UCSC.  DSCF0867

May 17th:  Cruising around the Peninsula, including the Stanford campus.  IMG_3176

May 18th :  the new art building by Diller Scofidio at Stanford (overwrought but kind of boring), and the beautiful Anderson Museum by Ennead.  DSCF1052

May 19th:  The new SFMOMA addition by Snøhetta.  DSCF1326

May 20th:  Silicon Valley and San Jose, with the Richard Meier City Hall.  Domes seem to be very important in this area.  DSCF1454

May 22nd:  Oakland and Berkeley.  Julia Morgan’s Berkeley Women’s City Club.  DSCF1644

May 23rd:  Driving up Highway 1.  This is Keyes Creek, before it flows into Tomales Bay.  DSCF1711

May 24th:  Glass Beach in Ft. Bragg, the remains of the former town dump.  DSCF1809

May 24th & 25th:  The last days on the road, spent in the redwoods.  DSCF1843