About Peregrine nation

DSCF9416Last year I felt a strong need for a break from my life teaching at the University of Oregon, and at the same time we realized the complete pointlessness of continuing in middle school for our daughter.  The obvious answer was a road trip.  So Greta and I have undertaken a nine-month, around-the-country peregrination in our 16-foot Scamp trailer, Peregrine.  We are driving east, then south, then west, then north.   I am on leave from the university, and Greta is being home-schooled (road-schooled?) in lieu of eighth grade, while Linda has been left behind as a hostage.   We’ll be visiting friends, cities, architecture, and landscapes, and seeing as many adorable animals as possible.


Six months into the trip, and it has all been going even better than we had hoped.  Every day has been engaging and often surprising.  Greta has gotten to see a range of places, people, lives  and events that just wouldn’t have been possible at home.   Plus we are having a hell of a lot of fun.


I’ve also been finding lots of new barricades to publish on my photo blog, at transitorybarricades.tumblr.com

I can be contacted at:  petertwoshedskeyes@gmail.com

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