Cafe Du Monde is the most well-known place to get beignets in New Orleans. But unwilling to wait in a line that stretched out the door and halfway down the block, I did not go there. Instead, an unassuming little cafe, New Orleans Famous Beignets and Coffee, the next street over was host to my first tasting of the treat.  They were described to me as “kind of like a donut, but square, and better,” so I was expecting something more like mandazi, which are Kenyan fried donuts.  Instead they were more like the lovechild of a biscuit and baklava.  The outside is a bit crisp and flaky, plus covered with enough powdered sugar that simply breathing releases storms of it, and the inside as soft as a cloud.P1060851
I can’t imagine that Cafe Du Monde’s beignets are better, because what could be better than that?  If you’re willing to wait, go right ahead, but frankly I don’t care enough.  New Orleans Famous Beignets and Coffee is fast and cheap (3 beignets for $3), and delicious. The one thing I don’t recommend is wearing dark clothing.

2 thoughts on “Beignets

  1. Jerry Finrow

    These sound delish, wish they had them in Seattle, Greta when you are staying in our place, see if you can find any of these someplace, I would not mind trying one or several…..


  2. mary gilland

    so glad to see greta’s food articles again. each food-subject is described so well, one can almost taste it and it makes one want to be along, even if it does mean seeing and endless array of architectural wonders. really looking forward to your descriptions of the trip this summer.



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