Monthly Archives: September 2019

Blog update

Hello blog followers!  It’s been a year since we posted anything, because Peregrine has only ventured out on one short drive around the neighborhood, and we’ve been preoccupied with other activities this summer, such as getting our summer house on Whidbey Island ready to put on the market. ( It sold in one day.)

Our lives continue apace.  The four years since we began our trip have flown by, and Greta is a senior in high school –  into outdoor activities and co-captaining her high school robotics team.  She may soon be coming to a university near you.

With the sale of our summer house, and the departure of the kid off to college in a year, we have more time to think about travelling, as it has been four years since we set out on the big trip, and I’m getting sort of itchy.   Linda and I are hoping to undertake a short Eastern Oregon trailer trip before classes start, but the weather has suddenly turned uncooperative.  Stay tuned.

But the point of this post is to alert you to a new formatting arrangement on the blog.  None of the normal ways of organizing the vast number of posts has struck me as being that useful, so I just set up another one.  On the menu at the top, there is now a link to “Thumbnail index of posts”, which takes you to a page where thumbnails of all the posts are in chronological order.  It is much better for browsing, and I may set it up as the landing page for the blog in the future.

BTW, my apologies for all the crappy ads that WordPress is apparently adding into blogs these days.  They seem to be the internet equivalent of medical informercials on Late Sunday night TV.  Cheers!