Blogging slowdown

DSCF5426Our faithful followers have no doubt noticed a serious slowdown in the blogging activity on Peregrine nation in the past couple of weeks.  This has three causes:

Greta flew back to Eugene for a week to see Linda, celebrate her birthday, and undertake her final Halloween trick or treat before starting high school.  Her focus shifted on to seeing people in Eugene, and she didn’t have me to goad her.

Second, since the beginning of the month, Greta has been participating in NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month.  (  The goal is to write 50,000 words of fiction during November.  This has taken up most of her writing energy, plus she has made friends with a bunch of Australians she met in a NaNoWriMo chat room, and she spends time messaging them.  But she has already written 45,000 words, will doubtless meet her goal this weekend, and will be in high gear for writing, able to crank out a backlog of food and museum reviews.

Third, our day-to-day life in the Northeast has been just too full in the last month.  When we were out out west, we spent our days driving and seeing things, and our evenings in the trailer in a campground, blogging away.  But once we got to the Northeast, our days have been even more full of things and places, and in the evenings we’ve been staying with a succession of family and good friends, sometimes catching up with people I haven’t seen in 15 to 40 years.  Blogging actually takes more time than I anticipated, and it’s hard for me to be productive when there’s conversation to be had and whiskey to be drunk.

Our blog is currently stuck in Boston, but we are physically in Charlottesville.    We will probably slow down a bit in our travels now, and we will have to time to update our adventures in Lowell, New Hampshire, New York, Paterson, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington DC, Harpers Ferry and the Shenandoah Valley.  So keep your eyes peeled, and a happy Thanksgiving to all!

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