One year later


One year ago today we took off on our big trip.  This year, instead, I am finishing up a tenure case review, and Greta is slogging through geometry.  As she headed off to high school this morning, I suggested to her that she could just hide in the trailer until Linda went to work, then we could pack some leftovers in the cooler and take off – we’d have an eight-hour lead, and could get across Oregon before she’d notice we were gone.

But what we’ve decided to actually do every day for the next nine months is review what we did one year before – look at our map, calendar, photos, notes, and blog posts.  Then as we reminisce about the day, we’ll jot down whatever we remember.  (I know it must seem that every moment of our trip was posted on the blog, but we actually skipped over a lot.)  The further we get from the trip, the more it seems unreal, and we want to make one last attempt to cement it in our psyches.

We do still have a few more posts to put on the blog to finish it off, and we may put together a couple of summary posts, but we’re closing in on the end  –  unless we come up with great new insights during our daily reviews, in which case this blog night run for another nine months!

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