Hot Dog Blog: Part Two

We have now eaten more hot dogs, so it is time for part two!

Anywhere in New York
For perhaps the most famous hot dog ever, there isn’t a lot to say. Cheap and readily available, it’s good if you’re hungry and don’t want to spend time looking for something else. Actually fairly decent.P1050182

Jack’s Cosmic Dogs
Mt. Pleasant, SC
With names like the Blue Atomic dog or the Galactic dog, you’d expect them to be odd, and you’d be right.
My hot dog was a fairly normal chili dog, with onions and spicy mustard. I must say, the mustard was a little overwhelming, so the chili taste was less noticeable. Like many places that claim to specialize in hot dogs, the dog itself isn’t something to rave about, but this one was better than most. Also like most places, their cheese is simply over-processed cheese sauce, which we got on the Blue Galactic dog.
But what was amazing was the blue cheese coleslaw. I wish I could embed a little packet of it in this post, because I find myself lacking the words to accurately describe it. Definitely slaw, and definitely containing cheese, but beyond that there was something intangible. So if you’re ever in the Charleston area, I highly recommend going to try it.P1060195

Ben’s Chili Bowl
Washington, DC
This restaurant is also going to get a full post to itself, so look forward to that. But since I had a chili dog, it also belongs here.
The dog itself wasn’t all that impressive, just a normal dog. However, the chili it was topped with was amazing, which I will go into more detail in the full post.P1050511

3 thoughts on “Hot Dog Blog: Part Two

  1. william mcgowan

    You can NEVER eat enough chili dogs, although w those onions I hope you gotta lotta zantac.
    Great seeing you in NYC. Hope warm weather is abundant fr here on in.


  2. Jerry Finrow

    G: Thanks for the terrific education about hot dogs, who would have known there were so many different kinds out there, of course it is the most basic of American foods and it is simple enought for a lot of variations. Your descriptions are great, I can almost taste some of these and the coleslaw sounds really good, wish I had some as I LOVE coleslaw in any form. I am also looking forward to the description of Ben’s Chilli bowl, another favorite of mine. Keep up the good work and keep eating, I always look forward to your comments they are priceless….. Jerry


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