Selfies, Part 5

Perhaps southerners aren’t as narcissistic as other Americans, or perhaps the tourist sites  in the south don’t attract the foreign tourists who are prone to selfie-taking, but for whatever reason, we saw very few selfies in the past few months.  However, now that we are in the Southwest at major tourist sites, the rate is picking up again:

Middleton Place, South Carolina.  An off-axis selfie.  Subtle.DSCF8317

Oak Alley, River Road, Louisiana.DSCF3930

The Perot Museum, Dallas.DSCF4241

Meta- selfie at the Perot Museum.  A digital interface which converts a real-time image of you into tilting pixel-tiles.DSCF4329

Disturbing selfies at Dealey Plaza, Dallas.  Selfies with the Texas Book Depository in the background.  Even more disturbing:  there are two small Xs which supposedly mark the spots where JFK was shot.  We see tourists running out to stand on those spots to have their pictures taken, on what is a very busy street.   Right up there with funeral selfies for showing us something we didn’t want to know about human behavior.  DSCF4361

One more of the Safe Bison-Selfies™.  San Antonio.  Yesterday at the Grand Canyon we heard that not only do tourists get killed taking Bison Selfies, but last year at the GC, one was killed taking an Elk Selfie.  If only we’d known.DSCF5619

Alamo Selfies.  We begin to hit our stride again.  Notice the lack of Asian tourist selfies – they don’t get the Alamo. (I don’t really get the Alamo either.)DSCF5664  DSCF5668DSCF5669

Hoover Dam Selfies.  Motherlode.  DSCF6980

Attempted Double-Selfie, but one kid’s balking.DSCF6990  DSCF6999

They have Selfie alcoves on the Hoover Dam, built 70 years before the selfie.DSCF7002

Las Vegas, Bellagio selfie.  DSCF7135

Las Vegas, Strip selfie.  DSCF7236

Zion Canyon, selfie in the Narrows.DSCF7448

Bryce Canyon, TWO Double-Selfies!DSCF7571  DSCF7638

Arches National Park:  the French have not yet discovered the Selfie-stick, so they have to use a tripod.  DSCF7827

Monument Valley.  My favorite selfie photo so far.  DSCF8038

Horseshoe Bend in the Colorado River.  Selfies on the edge of the abyss – no guardrails, crumbly sandstone.  We see how much people really want the ultimate selfie.

The Japanese Cowboy-biker selfie.  They then asked to have Greta in the picture with them – we think they liked her fedora.DSCF8161  DSCF8189


This photographer demonstrates the use of the Safe-Selfie Stick™ – hanging your phone out over the abyss on your stick, instead of inching out yourself.  DSCF8176

It turns out there area few other ways to take Safe-Selfies™:  the sitting selfie.DSCF8179

The lying-down selfie.  DSCF8181

On the other end of the spectrum, the most terrifying selfie ever – the toddler at the abyss selfie.DSCF8192

The Grand Canyon.  DSCF8377  DSCF8421

We thought this would be the ultimate location – I expected at least a triple-selfie.  I got close at one point, best I could get was a double.  DSCF8429

But in recompense, we came across something we’ve never seen before, a true selfie artist.  Whereas most selfie-takers are content to register their presence, perhaps with a smile, this young man took a series of selfies, each with a different gesture, or expression.  DSCF8401

He seems to understand the potential of the selfie like no other. He doesn’t just document, he expresses a series of feelings in the selfies.  We caught up with him at a couple of overlooks.  At one point, he handed his phone to me and asked me to take his picture.  I was nonplussed, I didn’t see how I could do it better than him, but I tried. DSCF8409

Selfie-Boy, as we call him, transcends the category of selfie-taking in a place.  The photo of the selfie suddenly was no longer about the selfie-in-place, it was all about him.  The Grand Canyon is lost in the distance, it fades out of the picture.  There is only the virtuosity of Selfie-Boy. DSCF8412

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