Barbecue Part 2

Jenkin’s Barbecue
Jacksonville, FL
Served only a mustard sauce, with the philosophy of, “If you don’t like it, then leave.” I did like it, very much. We had a giant rack of ribs, completely drowning in the sauce. The meat was cooked well, but I can’t really give an assessment of their rub, because the sauce was a little overpowering.P1060638

Big G’s Barbecue and Catering
Allendale, GA
For a restaurant with barbecue in the name, it was remarkably hard to find any barbecue on their menu. Eventually we located the section, but it only had chopped (pulled) or sliced pork sandwiches. We both got pulled, which came on a hamburger bun, and slathered with mustard sauce.
Honestly, I don’t think mustard is good with pulled pork. It’s better with something with a bit more solid, like ribs or brisket. A smoother, tomato-based sauce or vinegar should be used on pulled pork.
That being said, it was pretty good. But it being out in the middle of rural Georgia means we’ll never go to it again, and it isn’t worth driving hundreds of miles out of your way to reach.

Slap ya Mamma’s Barbecue
Biloxi, MS
Locally famous, for a good reason. Just the smell walking up to it was tantalizing enough to make my mouth water. Like the restaurants above, they only had one sauce, but this was tomato-based. A bit bland in comparison to mustard, but it went great with the pulled pork, and the fried okra.
The ribs didn’t even really need the sauce. They were delightfully smoky, and made up for being slightly less succulent than Barbeque Exchange’s by having more meat on them.P1060837

1 thought on “Barbecue Part 2

  1. Jerry Finrow

    Okra? You guys are really getting into the southern thing, all of these experiences will sour you on northwest food, what ever that is. The mustard sauce was interesting, I wonder how they make it, there must be something other than mustard in there. Keep the reviews coming, I am keeping a list in the unlikely event I ever visit the south again….



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