Barbecue 3

Pleasant’s Barbecue
Ocean Springs, MS
The best ribs I have ever had. The best ribs I have ever had. Soft and succulent. Delightfully smoky. We had to ask their secret. The owner, Micheal, revealed to us that they only cook their ribs for four hours, a fraction of what many restaurants claim. But for the second two hours, they shut off all the heat, and just let it circulate in the smoke. Be careful not to eat the bones. I mean that seriously. They were soft and smoky, and if they weren’t so dry I might have eaten them willingly.P1060849

The Joint
New Orleans, LA
Not one of my favorite places, I must say. Everything was fine, and the atmosphere was cozy, but I guess my standards have gone up over the course of this trip. It was good, so don’t protest if your friend suggests going there, but maybe suggest Bao and Noodle (next blog) instead.

Railhead Smokehouse
Fort Worth, TX
Entering Texas, we have left the land of pork in favor of beef. Part of me feels sorry for the poor people who don’t get real ribs, and try to substitute them with beef ribs, which in any circumstance are inferior. But, they do make damn good brisket.

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