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The Panorama Jazz Band marches (videos)

New Orleans has been amazing in every way, but perhaps the most fun we’ve had was marching with the St. Anthony Ramblers on Mardi Gras.  I posted some photos to show what the costumes were like, but a huge part of the experience was the music of the Panorama Jazz Band.  (http://panoramajazzband.com/bio/)   I’d never been in New Orleans before, but an image that always intrigued me was that of a jazz band marching down the street with a krewe of revelers (or mourners) behind it.  So being in that krewe behind a great band was a fantastic experience for both of us.  I apologize for the lousy quality of the videography (I’m not a videographer, my camera is notably terrible for video, and the drinking started very early in the day), but the beauty of the music comes through.

Here they are while the Ramblers take a break at the first bar stop:

The Ramblers regrouped and marched on, with Greta, Glen, Michelle and Stephen near the van.

The Ramblers march by:

At the second bar stop:

And a final song from the Panorama Jazz Band in the French Quarter before we headed off to the party.

We had a great time, with a lot of interesting and fun people.  And the next day, as we walked down Royal St., we realized that we’d never be able to recognize any of them again.

Saint Anthony Ramblers – Mardi Gras

DSCF3126We’ve been here in New Orleans for a few weeks, staying with our friends Glen and Michelle in the Marigny.  There will be many blog posts about this, but I thought we should get today’s photos of Mardi Gras up now.

The day started with the gathering of the St. Anthony Ramblers at Glen and Michelle’s firehouse, then a parade with the Krewe and the Panorama marching band through the neighborhood and the French Quarter.

Glen receives his scepter as the King of St. Anthony’sDSCF3019

and the Krewe lines up by the scamp for one last bathroom visit before the paradeDSCF3011

Glen and Michelle, the King and QueenDSCF3121

Tommy and Rita, Jenny and Gordon – old friends of Glen’sDSCF3107

Greta leading the KreweDSCF3144

and the important humanitarian groupsDSCF3008DSCF3057

the amazing Panorama marching bandDSCF3192DSCF3156DSCF3185

Greta meets the monkey king as we cross Bourbon Street.

The king taking a beverage break

We arrive at their friend Constantine’s on Jackson Square for a fabulous partyDSCF3326

with the host dancing on the tableDSCF3372

and very friendly folks in the line for the bathroomDSCF3299


the balcony overlooking the Square, from America’s oldest apartment buildingDSCF3339

Glen and his godson StephenDSCF3320


Jimi, from SloveniaDSCF3386

and great costumesDSCF3379


Tom and Nathalie and JamesDSCF3395

Just follow this man around, and it’s a very good time.DSCF3203

Movies to follow.