Lancaster, Pennsylvania

A year ago today we drove west from the Philadelphia Main Line, through Lancaster and York, Pennsylvania, and then south to Baltimore.  Strangely, I had never travelled through the Amish country before, and Greta and I were both taken by the beauty of the landscape, and the singular culture that is centered there.

With a normal adolescent sensibility, Greta was highly amused that we were passing through Intercourse, p1050342

and her more detailed study of the map caused us to make a slight detour south to Fertility, which she was gratified to see was only a short distance from Intercourse.

The landscape showed a lovely amalgam of different eras of vernacular building.  Lancaster itself was a somewhat overwrought tourist destination, but once away from the bus parking lots, the lack of self-consciousness and tweeness was evident.  p1050344

As was extreme laundry-hanging. p1050343

We thought we had come across a wormhole in the space-time continuum, and that maybe we could zip home for a quick visit,p1050345

But the real dislocations were in the cultural anachronism category, especially this example of Amish skitching on the way to school.  p1050333

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