The Original Nutella Cafe

At Eataly in Chicago, we went to the first ever Nutella Cafe. As the name implies, it is a cafe entirely devoted to Nutella products. Crepes, creme brulee, cookies, all made or slathered with the hazelnut chocolate spread we all love.

P1040056 We tried a brioche spread with Nutella, and a coconut Nutella cake. The brioche was soft and buttery, complemented nicely by the sweetness of the Nutella. The coconut cake was more intense. The Nutella seemed to be trying to overpower the coconut, and the coconut pushed back. They warred for control of your taste buds in a way that I couldn’t tell if it was good.

P1040059They’ve now opened a second Nutella Cafe in New York City, so if you see an Eataly in either city, I’d highly recommend stopping by.

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