Daily Archives: October 15, 2015

Kim and Sarah Carlsen

This post on social media is about the efficacy of social media.  After I put up a picture taken in Pittsburgh, I got a note from Kim Carlsen, who is married to my nephew Ben, and lives in Colorado.  Where are you, she asked, and when I sent her the details of our location at Powdermill Nature Reserve, she replied that she was visiting her parents in Berlin, PA, 30 miles away.

So the next morning she and her daughter Sarah came by for a brief visit.  Greta and her cousin Sarah went to watch some bird-banding, and to take a walk in the woods to get away from their parents, while Kim and I sat and had coffee.  It was an unexpected pleasure on our trip, and it wouldn’t have happened without Facebook.

One month on the road

We’ve driven 3900 miles through 14 states in a month, and haven’t really driven each other crazy yet.  We’re in Buffalo now, heading across NY State and into Massachusetts in the next week. We’ve been having so many great experiences in rapid succession that it feels like we’ve been gone for six months; it’s hard to conceive that we’re only about 1/8 through the trip.  The blog is about a week behind, and as soon as we hit a boring patch we’ll catch up.  Cheers!