Terrance Goode and Carolyn Senft

Terrance Goode and Carolyn Sent were colleagues and good friends on the UO faculty back when I first arrived in 1990.  They were my informants in the culture:  when I was first applying for a position in academia, a mutual friend in New York told me to look them up, and they taught me everything a New Yorker needed to know about Eugene.  I would have been completely at sea without them.

I bought a house two doors down from them on 19th St., and we spent a lot of time together, cooking meals, discussing architecture, and trying to keep the cats from escaping.  They left town over 20 years ago, and have been happily ensconced in Syracuse for most of that time, where Terrance teaches architecture, and Carolyn has divided her time among teaching, designing, quilting, and raising their son Eli.

Greta and I spent a couple of days with them, where we once again spent a lot of time talking about architecture, driving both Greta and Eli to distraction.  We tooled around Syracuse seeing the sites, which include a commodious architecture building:DSCF2198

some student-designed housing which makes a statement DSCF2207

and evidence that football culture in Syracuse might be even a little more crazed than in Eugene (I haven’t seen any football banners hanging on churches in Eugene).  DSCF2167

We had a great time catching up after many years of long-distance communications.  T&C send their regards to their many friends in Eugene, who are probably wondering how I have managed to start this post with a photograph of them without a cat in it.  DSCF2216

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