Hamburgers: Part One

A comprehensive list of hamburgers. I’m going to ignore fast-food. This post will probably have more parts added to it as I eat more hamburgers.
Buckaroo burger
Arthur’s, Cincinnati, OH
Buckaroo Burger: contains grilled onions and barbeque sauce. Bigger than my head, and I couldn’t possibly hope to eat it all. But it was so good that I tried very hard, and almost didn’t have room for dessert(more about that later). P1040391

Bison Burger
Wall Drug, Wall, SD
Tasted mostly like a normal burger. If I wasn’t told that it was made of bison meat, I wouldn’t have noticed that anything was out of the ordinary.

Barbeque Burger
Benjamin’s Sandwich Shop, Pittsburgh, PA
Made with bacon and barbeque sauce. What could possibly be bad about it? Nothing, as long as it’s cooked well. Which it was.

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