Jon Ehrmann

Jon and I have been friends since freshman year in college, when we both lived in Hurlbut Hall.  Even in a dorm full of eccentrics, misfits and savants, Jon was noticeable, as he seemed the antithesis of many Harvard stereotypes.  In a place where many are endlessly yakking, Jon was quiet, almost non-verbal, and extraordinarily […]

Dan Rabin

As I’ve tried to pass on my hard-won wisdom to Greta over the past decade, certain insights and aphorisms have appeared repeatedly. Be aware of what is happening around you all the time. Always have three points of contact with the boat. How can this be explained by natural selection? Never put pineapple on pizza. […]

Brian Leverich

The first Westerner I ever got to know was Brian Leverich. He lived down the hall from us in Hurlbut Hall, that “…dorm full of eccentrics, misfits and savants…” where I first encountered so many of my best college friends. Brian’s family was from Oklahoma, or Colorado, or some other vague place west of the […]

About Peregrine nation

Peregrine nation documents a 20,897 mile, 36-state, nine-month road trip around the country, undertaken by Peter Keyes, a middle-aged architecture professor at the University of Oregon, and his 14-year-old daughter, Greta. (We’ve also added a few blog posts from later trips in our trailer, Peregrine). When it first arose back in the spring of 2015, […]